Making stroke decisons smarter, and reducing delays in critical treatment.

Prehospital mis-identification of stroke is the single largest contributor to delayed and missed stroke treatments.

exams are subjective

Of the 4M stroke exams performed by first responders per year, 30-50% of stroke patients are misdiagnosed and transported to the wrong hospital.

hospitals are not equal

Only 5% of all hospitals can treat major stroke emergencies, and only 20% can treat moderate stroke emergencies so patients are oftened transfered to another hospital.

treatment is delayed

For major stroke patients, a misdiagnosis causes a median delay of 110 minutes, and decreases the likelihood of receiving the most efficacious stroke treatment by 90%.

Forest Devices has developed a disruptive technology: the first objective, electronically-determined test for stroke for use by EMS.


expected to reduce — and possibly eliminate in some cases — disabilities, rehabilitation costs and even death from stroke

expected to reduce or avoid hospital reimbursement loss by allowing for the most efficacious stroke treatment within required periods of time

key benefits

the first low-cost portable stroke detector

artificial intelligence-driven platform

applied in less than 2 minutes

result in less than 3 minutes

easy to use

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