Stroke Decisions Made Smarter


Forest Devices is developing ALPHASTROKE,
the first stroke screening device designed for use by medical personnel in any environment.

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The Problem

400,000 Strokes

Of the 800K strokes in the United States, 400K will result in patients going to the wrong hospital. A significant reason for this is the lack of objective tools to screen/identify victims.

110 Minutes  

The process of transporting a patient from a non-Stroke Center to a Stroke Center Hospital delays the appropriate life saving treatment for approximately 110 minutes. This added time significantly increases the chance of complications, death and disability.

$20 Billion

The inability to screen for stroke leads to the healthcare industry spending an additional $20 billion per year in transportation, hospitalization, and long term care.


Improved Triage


ALPHASTROKE could enable EMTs to quickly detect stroke, so they can route patients directly to stroke treatment centers rather than hospitals ill-suited for the patient's needs. This early detection would decrease time to treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Improved Outcomes


By increasing the number of stroke victims who receive early treatment, ALPHASTROKE could dramatically improve patient outcomes. Early treatment can prevent up to 6,000 deaths and 300,000 hospital days per year, as well as enabling tens of thousands of patients to walk without assistance and avoid dependence on assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Objective Decisions


ALPHASTROKE  potentially provides doctors, emergency rooms, clinics, urgent care centers, and elder care facilities with a tool to rapidly rule out stroke and prevent the overuse of CT scans on elderly patients.

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AlphaStroke is currently limited to clinical investigational use only, and is not available for public sale or distribution